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We offer a single destination for both your Forex and Crypto trades. With CEXy.Finance you also get a powerful array of user-friendly features such as FREE AI trading bots, an educational trading zone, futures trading, and the very highest level of security available in this field. Buckle up, and get ready to trade!
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CEXy Features

Spot and Futures

In the world of cryptocurrency, spot trading is a process of buying and selling tokens and coins at a spot price for immediate settlement.

FOREX (FX) Trading

Forex trading, also known as foreign exchange (FX) or FX trading, is the conversion of one currency into another.

AI Bots

Access to reinforcement learning agents that are rebalanced weekly to trade on the major currencies. The latest architecture is used to optimise performance.

Security & Customer Service

We got you covered, trade with confidence. CEXy.Finance. Top notch security and customer service with 24/7 support.

Smart Order Router

We feature a smart order router that combines both buy and sell orders from different liquidity providers through their Application Programming Interface (API), saving time finding best execution prices and needless complications.

3rd Party KYC

SumSubs streamlines our KYC/AML routine to give you quicker access to our service. The KYC process will include ID card verification, passport, or driver's license. Plus a live face verification check.
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$38,048.001.64% 24H
$2,049.880.630% 24H
$228.05-0.87% 24H
$0.6100.080% 24H
$0.0812.64% 24H
$0.022-2.05% 24H

Get Your QR Code

Exchange users receive a unique customer referral link and QR code to onboard new traders which, relative to trade volume, is then rewarded via our innovative bonus scheme.

StarShip Trading Pair

A percentage of exchange revenue is being utilized as liquidity for $STARSHIP. As exchange revenue increases, CEXy.Finance will add more pairs with Starship or “partner pairs”. Tokens partnered with Starship will also see their centralized liquidity pools rise.

Listing Competition

CEXy.Finance members will have the opportunity to vote and decide which tokens will be listed. Votes are only validated via members who successfully complete and pass the KYC registration

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